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Soapy Soap Bundle


Do you have an obsession for soaps? and want to try all of our soap range? Then we have the perfect bundle for you. Our Soapy Soap bundle has 5 Aroma Soaps and 5 Zucchini Fibre Soap.

Our soap range is Handmade with natural ingredients and smells absolutely divine.

We have a range of soap that is made with 100% Glycerin, aroma particles and Zucchini Fibers to help nourish, balance and replenish your skin. 


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The soapy soap bundle includes:

*1 X Olive Aroma Soap

*1 X Pomagrante Aroma Soap

*1 X Lemon Aroma Soap

*1 X Goats Milk Aroma Soap

*1 X Mango Aroma Soap

*1 X Olive Zucchini Fibre Soap

*1 X Pomagranate Zucchini Fibre Soap

*1 X Lemon Zucchini Fibre Soap

*1 X Mango Zucchini Fibre Soap

*1 X Honey & Milk Zucchini Fibre Soap


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