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Hammam Spa Sanctuary Bundle


Traditional Turkish Hammam is known to be a spa sanctuary that has a cultural, and therapeutic atmosphere. It’s a place where you can go to bathe, unwind, relax, cleanse, detoxify and purify your body on a spiritual, physical and mental level. 

The use of Hammam mitts  is an age-old custom. The Hamman ritual uses friction, hot water and steam to eliminate impurities and help skin to become clear, moisturised and soft. This ritual helps improve and maintain skin elasticity and remove toxins and purify the skin.  It also has great benefits in assisting most skin conditions like removing skin blemishes and helps fight skin imperfections like ingrown hair, keratosis pilaris and strawberry legs. 

Baré Tips for smooth skin

Recommend to be used 1-2 a week to achieve the best results.

After exfoliating is complete Use aromatherapy soaps on your body for a more therapeutic experience.

For face, apply your serums or creams after you finish exfoliating and this will allow for a deeper penetration of your product into your skin.

For streak free tan exfoliate 48 hrs prior to the tanning.

Remove the old stubborn tan thoroughly before the next application.

Protect your skin from the sun to avoid pigmentation and sunburn, remember your skin will be ultra sensitive.



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*Silk Exfoliating Body Mitt

*Original Hammam Body Mitt

*Silk Face Exfoliating Mitt

*Rich Moisturising Body Lotion

*Aroma Soap










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